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What Is Rare Soul?

The Rare Soul Scene is the longest continually running underground dance music scene in the world having sewn its roots in the Twisted Wheel Club in Manchester England during the early sixties continuing on through the seventies and eighties at famed clubs such as Wigan Casino & Blackpool Mecca – It is still going strong throughout the world to this day, and especially in Australia where vibrant rare soul scenes are happening in every capital city – Adelaide is no exception.

Rare Soul is often termed “Northern Soul”.  This phrase was first coined by legendary English soul music journalist, Dave Godin in the 1960s, to describe a particular brand of rare soul music being played in night clubs in the North of England at that time.  In short “Northern” soul is a term used to describe up-tempo, danceable, soul music, most of which is based on the Motown sound but recorded by obscure artists on even more obscure record labels. 

Needless to say, these recordings are now extremely rare in their original vinyl format (not to mention expensive!).  It is not uncommon to have over $100 000.00 worth of records at a single soul night!   But we prefer not to dwell on the value of the records and let the wonderful music speak for itself.  These records will uplift you, bring you down, touch your heart and tear at your very soul they are so powerful.  But most importantly they will move you – straight onto the dance floor.

The roots of most current dance music genres – from disco to garage & house – can all be traced back to the rare soul allnighter scene.

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Track 1 - Jeff Perry


Track 2 - David & Ruben


Track 3 - Ted Taylor

Track 4 - Bobby Newton


Track 5 - Rare Pleasure


Track 6 - Gino Parkes


Track 7 - Parisians







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